Commercial Projects


Easton Joinery LTD are embedded in the commercial fitting sector, offering refurbishments or undergoing full scale Shop, Public house, Restaurants and , Night Clubs, Hotel installations and designs.

Easton Joinery LTD also work with top London interior designers on specific projects where a key eye is required for layouts and designs.


Unthank Road Shop Project (November 2018)

We were approached to update a shop front in the City of Norwich, the Easton Joinery LTD team quickly got to work on this Softwood/Sapele Painted shop front.

The Steps Taken;

Step 1;

Timber is selected by our timber specialists, cut/planed and prepped for profiles to be added.

Step 2;

Timber components our quality controlled once more, ensuring that no defects pass through to the third stage.
Components are then assembled, tested, sanded and all ironmongery is added.

Step 3;

Products are sent into our spray booth and primed by our specialists with two to three coatings, then allowed to dry before being sent to our glazing department.

Step 4;

Delivery of products to site with our team ready to install and secure the property.



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